• 400 Lorries per day, 6 days a week for the next 22 years - ACT NOW!




    400 Lorries per day, 6 days a week for the next 22 years

    In November 2017, The Briggens Estate became a preferred site by Hertfordshire County Council for the phased extraction of NINE MILLION TONNES of sand and gravel for over TWENTY YEARS.

    Move on to July 2022 and the site, which should be renamed STANSTEAD ABBOTTS QUARRY is now the Councils number one site in the Hertfordshire Minerals and Waste Local plan 2040

    A site covering ~3 sq. kilometres

    affecting ~50,000 local people - link (report will automatically download)

    Cancer Risks. Destruction. Noise. Congestion. Pollution.

    Whilst a quarry is in use the effects on the local environment are more than just the loss of wildlife habitats and the obvious visual impact. A working quarry needs methods of transportation and this means that large amounts of machinery and heavy traffic will be brought into the area, causing an increase in local noise, pollution and erosion.


    Silica dust from construction sites is proven to increase cancer risks.

    See this government website for more information.

    Cancer Risk

    Silica Dust is Proven to Increase Cancer

    The most harmful dust particles (respirable crystaline silica - RCS) are invisible to the human eye in normal daylight. These tiny RCS particles can easily travel considerable distances, penetrate deep into unprotected lungs and cause silicosis - for which there is no cure. The Health and Safety Executive lays down strict guidelines for Personal Protection Equipment and procedures for people WORKING in close proximity to RCS. Unfortunately, the HSE remit does not extend to people passing by, living in the vicinity or spending day after day in the nearby school playground. The risks of silicosis are well known. This NHS link gives some basic details but a recent report in the Lancet reveals a much higher prevalence than was previously understood.

    Future Landfill Site

    Dirt. Disease. Abandoned Heritage. Health & Safety Issues.

    The site contains mostly low quality gravel, the main commercial aim is to turn it quickly into a landfill site once extraction begins


    If you can spare any money to help us fund professional reports and other activities to oppose the quarry, please visit the Go Fund Me page.


    It might seem that things have gone quiet since our campaign began to halt the development of a quarry and possible landfill site on the edge of our village, but Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) and in particular the Minerals Planning Committee are hard at work behind the scenes trying to justify their ludicrous plan.


    Many local people still don’t know about the plan.


    Those that do don’t realise that the Quarry isn’t really at Briggens at all, but right up to the edge of Stanstead Abbotts and Hunsdonbury villages.


    The developers Tarmac and the landowners City & Provincial are on a mission to get rich at our expense and destroy a part of our beautiful countryside for ever. They will NEVER restore the land properly or at all, despite their promises. Who will hold HCC and Tarmac to account 30 years into the future?


    House prices have already fallen as a consequence of this plan, with some properties blighted and unsaleable. HCC don’t care about this, as it is not a valid consideration when considering this plan, which is quite outrageous in itself.


    It is CRITICAL that as many of us as possible have our views heard.


    Please contact minerals.planning@hertfordshire.gov.uk


    When you speak to the above contacts, here are a few of the things it is worth discussing:

    • 400 Lorries per day, 6 days a week for the next 22 years

    • The total obliteration of a very large area of virgin Green Belt in complete contradiction to Government policy to protect these precious areas. Any resulting quarry will inevitably lead to landfill and more development, pollution and congestion in the future. Our Green Belt will be gone forever.

    • The compromising of Conservation Area at the edge of Stanstead Abbotts Village and the setting in which this proposed development sits (i.e it is surrounded by numerous scheduled monuments and listed buildings.)
    • The loss of heritage and historical sites, including known Roman, Iron and Bronze age settlements.
    • The scale of the proposed development is far too large and the proposed period of 20 years of extraction is far too long.
    • No account has been taken of other adjacent developments – Gilston garden Village (Harlow North). Gravel could be extracted here first, before the land is sterilised by building houses. If both go ahead new houses will be built alongside a quarry.
    • The permanent destruction of high quality farm land, loss of an attractive landscape and the threat to ancient woodlands.
    • Destruction of Wildlife habitats and loss of the wildlife itself.
    • The overloading of the road transport system, particularly as there are no rail or waterway links.  The only rail head in east Herts is being lost by the construction of a new incinerator at Rye Park. We are particularly concerned about heavy goods vehicles using A414, B181 and B180 and surrounding villages.
    • Unknown effects on the water table and aquifer in an area with extreme water shortage and a continuing threat of water restrictions and drought orders.
    • Considerable environmental impacts for the whole area, which can’t be easily quantified or controlled. Huge increase in pollution and damage to health of the local community.
    • The level of reserves on the site is not proven, and the likely areas of recoverable gravel are mostly at the western edge adjacent to housing.
    • Proper analysis of the plan shows that the minerals aren’t actually required by Hertfordshire CC within the period specified in the draft Minerals Local Plan and that the Local aggregate Assessment 2017 is flawed.
    • There are many conflicts between the National Planning Policy Framework and Hertfordshire’s policies on; local plans, amenity loss, health implications, and un-environmental transport.

    Traffic report for Hertfordshire


  • Contact members of the Growth, Infrastructure, Planning and Economy panel

    Let them know how this will affect you and your families lives

    Derrick Ashley (Chairman)

    Sara Bedford


    01923 270469 or 07747 605562

    Stephen Boulton

    Sue Featherstone

    Steve Jarvis

    Asif Khan

    Paul Mason

    David Barnard

    Sharon Taylor

    Jane West

    Sandy Walkington


    01727 860896 or 07802 177317

    Graham McAndrew


    Quote the site reference in all correspondence:
    MLPC S010 – The Briggens Estate

    Send a letter to the council

    Download the form here 

    Download a guideline for the appropriate wording here



    Minerals and Waste Policy Team,
    Spatial Planning and Economy Unit (CHN216)
    Hertfordshire County Council
    County Hall
    Pegs Lane
    SG13 8DN


    The most important grounds we could get this dismissed on are listed below.

    Object on the portal

    The Draft Minerals Plan can be found here


    The most important points to bring up are:

    • The destruction of a huge area of beautiful countryside next to Stanstead Abbotts, Hunsdonbury and The Briggens Estate.

    • The creation of an unwanted and un-necessary vast industrialised area for the next 22 years

    • Widespread exposure to harmful noise, dust and diesel fumes for residents and children in the area, and in particular those attending St. Andrews Primary School

    • A huge increase in traffic and pollution – all HGV lorries with thousands of extra vehicles on the congested A414 and B181 Roydon Road six days a week

    • Mostly low quality gravel on the site, with the main commercial aim to turn it quickly into a landfill site once extraction begins

    • Destruction of ancient woodland and wildlife habitat for birds and small mammals

    • Threat to the water supply and aquifers in an area already facing a water shortage

    • Unsustainable development on top of huge residential plans at Harlow North / Gilston

    • Unproven estimates of aggregate requirements for Hertfordshire

    Donate a little towards the cause

    We're crowdfunding, please visit:

    We’ve set up a crowdfunding page to help contribute towards the cost of battle against City & Provincial, Tarmac and the Hertfordshire County Council's plan. These costs include the industry expert reports that we will be submitting to Herts County Council as part of our overall campaign strategy on your behalf.

    If you can spare anything to help the fighting fund that would be wonderful. Also please be assured we won’t send out any other funding requests unless we find ourselves having to fight on in future stages of the process and this is unlikely to happen for quite some period of time. Although we’d be delighted to win this now, we’ll set things up so that we can react quickly to any new threats as and when they occur.


    Thank you to Mark Prisk MP (www.markprisk.com) who is helping us object to this proposal.

    We need all the help and support we can get - please contact us if you or someone you know can help.

    St Andrews Primary School - Year 4 Students